Somme Memory Tours

Guided Tours on Somme 1916 Battlefields

Carole, your guide
Carole, your guide

      Somme Memory Tours is a French company created in 2014, specialising on the Western Front of the First World War. My name is Carole Laevens, I am passionate about History and I will guide you through the Battlefields in northern France with a good knowledge about the area where I am from.


     Somme Memory Tours will propose you tours with a special taste of rememberance. I will composed your tour which answer to your demand (research about relatives, graves, memorials...).


     Somme Memory Tours propose 3 tours :

- The HALF DAY tour which show you the main sites of the Somme Battlefields.

- The DAY TOUR talk about the batlle in depth.

- The PERSONNALISED TOUR give you a private tour and some research can be done about your relative.

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