somme memory tours

Guided Tours on the Somme

Carole, your guide
Carole, your guide

      Somme Memory Tours is a French company created in 2014, specialising in the Western Front, the First World War and French Heritage. My name is Carole Laevens, I am passionate about History and Heritage, I would love to be your guide through the Battlefields and northern France. This is my home area and I have bathed in local history since childhood.


     Somme Memory Tours offers tours with a special flavour of remembrance. I will tailor your tour in response to your needs (I can research your relatives, specific graves, memorials...).


Somme Memory Tours offers 4 tours :

HALF DAY TOUR showing you around the main Somme Battlefields  sites.

DAY TOUR in depth Battle of the Somme tour.

HERITAGE TOUR of Amiens visit the Middle Age city of Amiens, the 800 year old Cathedral Notre-Dame d'Amiens and surrounding 15th Century buildings!

PERSONNALISED TOUR  build your own  guided tour around the sites you want to visit or follow in someone's footsteps!