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         "My name is Carole Laevens  and I am a french guide, I am from a small village in the Somme called Etinehem, from there I started to be interested about the First World War. There I discovered that my great grandfather fought during the battle of the Somme and was buried in Rancourt.


       After my A level in Albert I went in Amiens during two years for studying about tourism and following this I've been in Boulogne-sur-Mer during one year to be a professional guide "guide conferencier" in France.


      After moving in the village of Carnoy-Mametz I was more in the center of the front line on the 1st July 1916. From there I learned more about the Franco-British offensive in 1916. I then gained more knowledge about the Westren front


    I am not only passionate about the History of the battlefields on the Western front but I am also really keen on architecture and arts, it is why I can guide you to the Cathedral Notre-Dame d'Amiens and its old town."



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