Personnalised Tour

            A private tour is an excellent way to visit the battlefields and the Western Front. Tell us what you want! 


           Use this tour to find out about a relative, a family friend or someone from your home town who fought here. Carole will research them and help you to follow in their footsteps, and find their final resting place or where they are remembered.  All you have to do is provide some basic information: name, date of death, regiment and if possible, where they fought).


         Carole also offers :

Australian Tours : visit the Villers-Bretonneux Australian Nationa Memorial and the John  Monash Center as well as the Franco-Australian Museum, The Le Hamel Memorial...)

- Canadian Tours: Visit the Vimy ridge sector and Memorial as well as the surrounding area...)


          A private tour is also a good way to see French heritage such as churches, the River Somme, parks....